Jesus and YHWH

Jesus and the Name
What about Jesus? What does Jesus do with the Hebrew Scriptures to verify His oneness with His Father?

John 8 records an incident where the Pharisees are again challenging Jesus’ authority. The Pharisees were the religious leaders of the day and the things that Jesus taught and claimed did not fit into their boxed up idea of what God-followers ought to look like. Jesus knew that the Pharisees knew the Old Testament Scriptures very well, and so he used what they knew to counter their attacks.

These religious leaders were very familiar with Moses’ encounter with God at the burning bush. So when they challenged Jesus in John 8:57, Jesus knew just how to respond. Read
John 8:48-58. How does Jesus respond to the Pharisees questioning in John 8:57-58?

Some people say that Jesus never actually came right out and said that He was God. What do you think?

Do you think the Pharisees got what he was saying?

Several times when Jesus was speaking about Himself, he said “I am….” He used the same “I am” in the following passages as he did in his conversation with the Pharisees in John 8. How does Jesus describe Himself in the following verses?

John 6:35 "I am the _______________________________"

John 8:12 “I am the ________________________________”

John 10: 7,9 “I am the ________________________________”

John 10:11,14 “I am the ________________________________”

John 11:25 “I am the ________________________________”

John 14:6 “I am the ________________________________”

John 15: 1-5 "I am the ________________________________"

I love the consistency of God. How He says one thing and a few thousand years later is still sticking with what He said a long time ago. How does God describe Himself in
Revelation 1:8?

How does it compare to his encounter with Moses at the burning bush?

What is like for you to be connected to a God as consistent as that?

YHWH and Our Stories