YHWH and Our Stories

How does understanding YHWH make a difference in your story?

"God wanted Israel to know that He was the God in the stories of their ancestors, He was the God who was hearing their cries and seeing their oppression in Egypt, and He would also be the God who would continue to reveal Himself to them in their unknown future."

He is behind us. He is with us. He is in front of us. He is the sustainer of His story.

That settles me. It gives the broken pieces of my story a place to land. It gives me courage to take risks.

When our son Ben was a toddler we were staying at a two story motel in California and the steps down to the parking lot were the open kind where you could see the ground through the back of each step. In our room on the second floor, I packed bags and checked for stray socks and ninja turtles while Dale loaded the trunk at the bottom of the stairs. Zac, age 4 and fearless was up and down the steps ten times, laughing and throwing a stuffed Ernie over the rail from the second floor down to the sidewalk. One year old Tre was picking flowers next to the car by dad. Ben stood frozen near the top step, yelling as Zac tossed his stuffed Bert down to be with Ernie.
"Benny, come down here with me. Come and get Bert," Dale called to our middle boy.
Ben reached for the railing but quickly brought both hands back to his chest. "I can't. I need someone to hold my hand."
"Zac can hold your hand," Dale suggested. "Come down with Zacky."
"No Daddy, I need a big guy."

Our strongest toddler, the one who grew up to play starting middle linebacker on his high school football team, needed a Big Guy that day. Not a four-year-old big brother big guy, a Daddy big guy. Someone who had climbed stairs hundreds of times and someone who could catch him if he started to fall. Someone who knew for sure that they could make to the bottom.

Within a few seconds Dale was at the top of the stairs and they walked down together. Ben's little hand in his daddy's big hand. One step at a time, all the way to the ground.

There are a lot of things I do not know about the next several months, but I go to sleep at night because God is behind me, and He is with me, and He is in front of me. He is holding my hand.

How is it for you? How does understanding YHWH make a difference in your story?

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