In a big way YHWH is the most indisputable name we have for God; He is the one who gave it to us. It is how He wants to be known. Sadly though, sometime between God’s conversation with Moses at the burning bush and the beginning of the New Testament, well-meaning rabbis who didn’t want to take a chance that this Name might be spoken in vain or without reverence made the utterance of this name for God unlawful. No one knows how to say it anymore.

I hope that we hear it from God Himself someday, but until then I love knowing the story behind it. This name characterizes the breadth of God’s existence and the wideness of His influence in a way that won’t fit in a dictionary. God is bigger than a name, but this Name gives Him limitless possibilities.

YHWH is the name of God that is recorded most often in the Bible.

YHWH means: The Eternally Existing One. The One who was, who is, and who shall be. The One who causes all things to be.

Translated Jehovah or LORD in the Bible, this name is often paired with another word to form a compound name for God.

The Story Behind the Name begins in
Exodus 3.

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