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Do you ever feel overwhelmed with life? If not by the day-to-day stuff, does the unexpected ever it toll? If so, then JehovahNissi is a name that can become a refuge for you especially during those times when you need to get your bearings. You know what I mean, don’t you? In those moments when everything seems to be swirling out of control we look for something that is not moving. We long for a steady place to hang our uncertainty so that we can get a grip on how we are going to persevere through the difficult days.

During Old Testament times, it was common during a battle for an “ensign” or a banner to be raised up on a pole – usually on a mountain – especially when an enemy unexpectedly attacked. This ensign signaled the place of rendezvous in the midst of uncertainty. Archeologists studying ancient Egypt have unearthed palettes (engraved pictures) depicting ensigns, sometimes called standards, topped with images often representing deities. These ensigns were carried by standard bearers both in peacetime and in battle. They represented the power of a king or a deity. An ensign reminded people that they had someone or something they could believe in. In the middle of a battle soldiers could look toward the ensign and be assured that the battle was still on and it was worth fighting for. The Hebrew word for this banner is “nec,” and it is the root word for “nissi” in JehovahNissi.

JehovahNissi means: YHWH is my ensign.

It is translated "The LORD is my banner."

The Story Behind the Name begins in
Exodus 17:8.

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