Summer 2013 Thoughts and Notes


I LOVE summer. Road trips, iced tea, eating on the back deck, and walks at dusk watching the light show of the fireflies.

This summer I am memorizing The Sermon on the Mount. Walking a lot, memorizing a verse or so a day, repeating it over and over, embedding it somewhere deep in my brain. Last spring I responded to a Twitter challenge to memorize Matthew 5-7 this year with a group of people that I don’t really know but somehow feel connected to as we make these words of Jesus a permanent part of our memories. (
Thanks Lynne!)

I know that this is a website mostly about Finding the Stories Behind the Names of God but sometimes tangential thoughts take over my thinking for a week or two and since no one is grading this website for sticking to a consistent theme, I thought it would be ok to post some random ideas here.

The Stories Behind the Names of God are really just a springboard into God’s bigger story of redemption and His connection to humanity. The Sermon on the Mount is a part of the bigger story. So if I need an excuse to add these thoughts here, I’ll go with that.

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