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My name is Deana Rogers and some of the things I LOVE are:

  • Walks at sunset with Dale (my professor husband). Anytime really - but during summertime in New Jersey we try to never miss the fireflies.
  • Skyping and texting with our boys and our daughter-in-law…from Reno to LA to Phoenix and back to New Jersey where we live.
  • Having Sam home from Rome for his last year of college. He plays the piano almost every time he walks by and Jaesa is happy to have a sibling around again.
  • Late night and early morning conversations with our daughter Jaesa…. one more year of high school and I am savoring the moments.
  • Video and photo updates of our beautiful and fun and lovable granddaughter Aurora -(to hold me over between visits to Phoenix.)
  • The Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center - it truly is a magical place at Christmas time.
  • The rare but treasured moments with our families. Parents, brother, and sisters and their kids and their kids.
  • Breakfast the way people get to eat in Israel - tomatoes, olives, cheese, cucumbers -I never thought of that as breakfast until we went there. I am addicted.
  • Libraries.
  • The smell of a fresh box of Crayolas.
  • The wonder of life with God.