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A few years ago I began highlighting the Hebrew names of God in my Bible - looking for the stories behind the names - wondering what it would be like to know God by name the way the people in the Old Testament did. Beyond humming along to great songs about His names I wanted to dig out the stories…find connections. I used purple for Yahweh, green for Elohim, light blue for El Shaddai. Could I know God’s name like Moses did? What if the name that Gideon knew God by could make my life make more sense? I found a group of friends who were interested and we plunged in to see what we could uncover. None of us speak Hebrew or have advanced degrees in theology. We found some great online tools and websites and old books in university libraries that helped us a lot. In the process of understanding His names, we learned to live more deliberately in His presence.

Today I still carry around a crumpled Ziploc bag of colored pencils in my backpack, and story by story the names of God are becoming more than words in songs that I like. The binding of my Bible is coming apart - but I’m way too far in to start over or switch Bibles now. Best of all I find myself falling in love with this ancient new story all over again. Pages fall open not just to well-read passages but to the places where I have seen the transcendent holy God wrap His identity in a name so that life would make sense to the ordinary people who became key players in His narrative. Their stories – chapters of His story - bring hope to my story.

So this is a website inviting you into the journey of discovering how this old manuscript really does contain the template for the storyboard of our lives. If you want to color the names I can show you how to do that as well. It has been a blast so far and I’d love to have you join