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It’s a really old book but I am endlessly drawn to it…
I absolutely LOVE the story in there
And I continue to discover that this old manuscript contains the template for the storyboard of my life.

About This Website

For thousands of years God has taken the everyday stories of earth-bound people and infused their lives with His presence to tell His bigger eternal story. Our stories matter because they are chapters in God’s story.

The people in the Bible didn't know that they were going to have their stories written down. They just lived out their lives with questions and fear and faith and mystery, and God stepped into their lives and revealed Himself in ways that helped them know what it meant to live in His presence. Some of them learned what it meant to give God the leading role in their stories. It was personal. They got to know God by His names. His names fit their stories. God was for them exactly what they needed Him to be.

This is a website about those old stories and the stories behind those Names. Knowing God by His names and practicing His presence connects our stories to the story that He has been telling for thousands of years.

I am finding that it is a really great story to be in.


Whenever I hear the name Immanuel Christmas music starts playing in my head. It is God With Us. it is the angel telling Mary that she is going to bear God's son.

But the Immanuel story is not about twinkling lights or cups of hot chocolate. It is about a king who did everything he could to remove God from his story. And how at the height of his rebellion God said He was coming anyway.